I’m currently based out of Valdosta, GA and have a wonderful family. I’m infatuated with technology and can’t wait to get my hands on the newest tools, techniques, and shiny objects so I can tear them apart and make cool things. That sounds really awesome but speaking thruthfully it really means I stare at a linux console. A LOT.

I Fight Fires

No, seriously. Like pyrolysis. I spent 3 years as a volunteer firefighter in Bulloch county, Georgia while attending school. While there I earned my Firefighter I National Professional Qualification. After taking a hiatus due to living in non-volunteer areas I’m back in Lowndes county and volunteering again. I recently obtained by National Registry of Emergency Medical Techinicians Emergency Medical Responder certification.

I have a strong conviction that we all should give back to our communities. Some give money and others give time. If you love adrenaline, have a strong desire to serve your community, and enjoy helping others then look around to see if you have a volunteer department nearby. Volunteers still serve in over 70% of our communities today and desperately need new members to keep the service alive.

I’m Certified

I hold the following certifications:

I Went to College

I attended Georgia Southern University in BEAUTIFUL Statesboro, GA beside the magic Eagle Creek. Southern gave me a chance to explore a tremendous breadth of computer science from programming, to IT management, to my eventual career in Information Security.

I’m proud to be a Southern Eagle Alumnus with a B.B.A. in Information Systems, Information Security Emphasis.

If you aren’t familiar with Georgia Southern just ask University of Florida fans.

I’ve Worked in Some Cool Places

I spent a couple of years in Aflac IT at my first real job out of college. Working at the Duck taught me the importance of teamwork, the value of work ethic, and a healthy respect for my peers. I worked closely with some incredibly talented people. Some pushed the envelope of IT with things like java web services running on top of old 60’s mainframe code. Others demonstrated the value of persistence. Specifically the Security team I was on was second to none in every respect. In a team of just 5 (or 6) we had experts from every domain of IT knowledge. It was humbling.

Currently I work for HPE and more specifically Fortify on Demand. This has been an awesome experience thus far providing me the opportunity to grow, mature, and learn in a rapidly changing industry. If Application Security interests you then we should chat.

I Play Some Awesome Sports

Rugby is by far the greatest sport on the planet (citation needed…) I started in college by playing with the Columbus-Ft. Benning Cruisers and spent an awesome season at Flank. Moving on I spent a year at wing with Southern Rugby before graduating and moving back to the Cruisers. Back with the Cruisers I spent 2 years at Hook and eventually served as the Match Sec. Most recently I spent a season working with the Jax Rugby club.

I’m currently in retirement.

My Domains