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A Good Day to Remember What is Important

My Facebook is alive with flags, Pentagon images, and Twin Tower tributes. Make no mistake about it: This is an incredibly important day. Today, 12 years ago, 343 of the Bravest, 60 of the Finest, and 15 of the Strongest perished. These were first responders who trained daily to serve the public but until 9/11 and the estabilishment of DHS and the grants that entity would bring public safety just wasn’t prepared for the massive emergency brought by terrorist attacks.

This day is important for America not for the loss we suffered but for the victory we claimed. Our economy continued, our people survived, our public safety workers received better training. In American tradition we took a stunning blow, recognized the failures, celebrated the successes, broke it down to science, and formulated a path forward that guaranteed we wouldn’t be stunned again.

I want to remember this day not as one of mourning, although we should certainly never forget those who sacrificed all. I want to remember this day as a reminder of what we as a nation can be. I want to remember this day as a reminder that there are more important things in life than a job or material possessions. Things like friends, family, and personal happiness.

To further that goal I am declaring this day a personal ‘Take your kid to work’ day. It is vital to remember the truly important things in life and even more important to remember that what we do today as a nation will be left as legacy to our children.

Never forget.

Take Your Kid To Work

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