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Dad Picks Up Kid, Gets Arrested

Jim Howe being arrested

As a parent what happens in this video is completely appalling. A man goes to a school after school is over to retrieve his children and is arrested. Now, being arrested in front of your kids is bad enough when you have an outstanding warrant or some other lawful reason for being detained.

This guy, however, had the audacity to challenge a law enforcement officer on whether (as defined in state law) he was entitled to pick up his children. I don’t know what we are missing here but based on the Faux News video I see a couple of troubling trends.

We live in a different world after Sandy Hook.

Just stop it now. We do not live in a different world. It is the same world now as it was months ago. There were evil diabolical people then and there are evil diabolical people now. Using tragedy as an excuse for thoughtless behavior is simply foolish. This is not a random man refusing to provide ID and attempting to pick up kids that don’t belong to him. I fail to see how a properly identified father attempting to pick up his kids is in any way relevant to Sandy Hook.

A man disagreeing with an officer should be arrested

Again, really? Police are not infallible. Given the exact situation depicted in the short clip the man was not threatening, belligerent, or dangerous. He simply refused to accept the officer’s command (note I did not say lawful command) and was arrested for his impertinence. Eventually we as citizens must remind civil servants that they are only that: servants.

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