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DIY Clamps for Amp Rack in Can Am Defender

We’ve recently begun the process of kitting out our Can Am Defender with tower speakers and bed based subwoofers. Fitting all the racks in a somewhat dry place is difficult anywhere except the roof so I set out to design and build an amp rack that didn’t look like it was something I made. My current idea is to mount up a couple pieces of plywood and black them out with truck bed liner to seal them against moisture. This platform will rest on top of the rear rollbars and allow the amps to hang underneath. While the roll bars will hold all the weight I need a way to limit the motion forwad to rear and side to side. I considered using conduit clamps but really wanted a better finish.

I ended up drawing up some clamps in Fusion 360 and 3D printing them. I left the rears as an open hoop since you can’t reach all the way around the rollbar on the rear (the roof is in the way.) The clamps are designed for a 6 or 7 gauge standard screw. I designed the rears with the idea of leaving them attached and removing the front clamps to install or remove the rack. The files are attached below if anyone else can use them. I printed with Black PLA @ 30% infill on a Creality Ender 3.



Front Clamp Design

Rear Clamp Design

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